Monday, March 7, 2011

Last days/Cairo Revolution, Egypt. Feb, 2011.

 Images depict quieter moments that represents a somber reality and a human connection with each other, during the uprising in Cairo, Egypt. 2011.

Anti-government protesters gather for Friday prayers in Tahrir Square shortly before the news broke that Hosni Mubarak resigned. Cairo, Egypt. Feb. 11, 2011.
Female opposition supporters, Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt. Feb. 12, 2011.  

         Anti-government demonstrators stand guard at all entrances surrounding Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt.  Feb. 10, 2011.

 Anti-government protesters conclude prayers and await Hosni Mubarak's speech on the 17th day of the Egypt uprising in Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt. Feb.10, 2011.
Female opposition supporters stand around with a bleak feeling, after hearing a disappointing speech from Hosni Mubarak in Tahrir Square. Cairo, Egypt. Feb.10, 2011.
An Egyptian soldier waves the national flag and celebrates with anti- goverment protesters, at Tahrir Square after hearing news that President Hosni Mubarak has resigned. Cairo, Egypt. Feb.11, 2011.

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